Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gotta Love Technology

I am pretty technologically literate, however there are a lot of new tools out there I have absolutely no experience with. I was recently given a web cam and finally plugged it in. It was so incredibly easy to use! Just download the disk that came with it and we were off to the races. I recorded a story for the kids to listen to over Spring Break ( I used to use cassettes and walkmans, making take-home literacy bags-much more time-consuming). And I also recorded the kids reading their fluency passages. This way they can hear themselves read, plus I e-mailed the link to several proud parents-showing the work we've been doing in class.

I also discovered a program called Pixie 2. It's a program where the kids can digitally paint illustrations and then type text, finally narrating their stories. The program puts it all together in a Quicktime file like a movie-holding each page as long as the child is speaking on that recording. An ultra-cool way for kids to express themselves and handwriting doesn't matter at all!

I really think it's important as teachers to always be learning about new things we can implement in our classrooms. It can be intimidating at times, but what would we tell our kids if they were afraid to try something new?

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