Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nice to See Someone in the Media Standing Up for Us

Even if it's sarcastically.

I love the irregular blouses from Loehman's (actually many of my skirts come from Wal-Mart-can't beat their wearability and washibility) and the fact that we have "special" textbooks with all the answers. I actually haven't gotten an apple in awhile but I do get handsomely rewarded in aha moments, laughter and hugs-so maybe I am overpaid!

Crossing my fingers here in Texas with the passing of the budget this month. It will be awhile before we really see how deep the cuts will be, but there will definitely be cuts. I do feel for the teachers in Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. I'm glad some of our fellow professionals have the courage to stand up and be heard-I wish I believed it would actually make a difference, but I do applaud the attention it's bringing to the issue.
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