Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chapter Read-Alouds

I am a firm believer in reading aloud to children above their grade level. I am very lucky to be the facilitator for a student book club competition that allows me to find "treasures" I may not necessarily discover otherwise.

This year we had a book in the 3rd-5th category called Home of the Brave. It's about an African refugee (or as my kids spell it refyou-G :) and the process of assimilating to American culture. I thought some of the themes may be a little scary for them, I did edit just a little bit over the descriptions of the war. But some of the things that were new to the main character Kek, made the story pretty funny. And it does have a happy ending which is something these sensitive kiddos look for.

Anyway here is a reading response activity they did with a triorama to show the different plot elements. In the story their favorite part was when he puts the dishes in the washing machine in an effort to "help" his aunt with the cleaning. :)

My favorite-I know she meant to say "lost your parents". :)

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