Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Dot" Story

I heard the book The Dot in a workshop once and really liked it. It's a story about a girl who doesn't think she can draw anything, so the teacher asks her to make a dot and sign her name to it. The teacher frames the painting and the little girl sets out to master the art of creating dots! To me, the big idea is that we always have it in us to be creative if we take that risk and try.

We talk a lot about being creative in the beginning of the year because even though the kiddos may have that innate capacity for it, they are far from being creative thinkers. Strategies to implement those ideas have to be taught. So I asked them to create their own version of the character's dot and here is what we ended up with.

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  1. I think is a great book to show that and one I think some adults could benefit from. I hear all the time "I'm not creative" from fellow parents.