Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adding Rigor to Halloween Activities

Just a few activities to spice up your Halloween theme with some challenges:

1) Ethics: are spiders/bats/monsters good or bad, why?

2) Changes over time-from pumpkin seed to jack o'lantern

3) What are the rules for making jack o'lanterns? Being a scarecrow? Being a monster (did this activity with my kiddos last week, will post the pics-I loved some of their responses!).

4) Perspective of a spider compared to that of other insects (I realize spiders aren't technically insects, but they do eat them), perspective of a scarecrow, an owl compared to that of a bat, pumpkin in a pumpkin patch compared to that of a jack o'lantern.

5) Scarecrow for the 21st Century-invent a new way to keep crows away from crops

6) Where did the idea for making jack o'lanterns come from? Why pumpkins? Theorize a creative reason. Create a new symbol for Halloween.

For Fall Activities:

1) What would happen if there was no fall season?
2) Ethics: is it right or wrong for the leaves to fall off the trees
3) Perspective of a leaf in the tree compared to that on the ground.
4) Changes for a leaf over time
5) Theorize a creative reason: why do the leaves change color?
6) Rules for the changing leaves
7) New uses for fallen leaves-what could we use them for?
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