Sunday, November 27, 2011

Legend of the Bluebonnet

I am a Texan now, so of course, we have to read this story!  I wanted to have the kids do a writing activity that showed they could apply the plotlines of the story to their lives (can you tell we are using the Rigor and Relevance framework at our school :). After reading the story, we talked about the word "sacrifice" and how people often sacrifice time-for example to do lesson plans when I could be playing with my puppy. We compared the actions of the little girl in the story to the sacrifice of the Giving Tree. I asked the kids to come up with something (non-living-I don't want to end up on the news!) that they could bury in the ground and what would then grow. Some of them really, really "got" it-which has to make you smile as a teacher.

My favorite one--I just love the flow of his thinking here!

I'm not even completely sure what this says, but I'm so glad when they put in the effort to actually try to write a sentence.

I know it looks a little creepy-but it was a really original idea-she was the only one who made the flower like the object.

Love that they are pink flowers-Barbie would be happy with that!

This was just before Thanksgiving-they had turkeys on the brain I think.

Just love the detail.

"How did the rose grow I sacrificed my toy".
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