Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Painting Like Magritte

We tried our hand at painting like surrealists today! We try out the styles of many artists throughout the year, and I've never done Magritte with them before. I found this book:

Which has really cool transperancy overlays in its illustrations depicting some of Magritte's famous details. We looked at some of his famous paintings and I asked the kids to try their hand at some surreal works of art:

A little Kafka-esque, don't you think?

Now that would be surreal!

Green sky and blue grass


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  1. I know most teachers think of craftivities as art (even though they are almost always the same picture with maybe different patterned paper), but this is truly art. You teach them about styles of art and then let them create what they envision while trying out new techniques!! Love it!! I always enjoy visiting your blog. So many teachers want everything to be so cutesy (nothing wrong with cutesy on some things!) and forget that activities like this create individuals instead of cookie cutter kids. If only more teachers encouraged the kind of thinking you do even if the result doesn't fit their own ideas of what something should be.


    1. Thank you so much Brandy! I completely agree. One of the reasons I love doing these kinds of activities is because I love to see how different their ideas can be.

  2. Very cool paintings! I like how you study different artistic styles -- I need to do WAY more of that!

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    1. Thank you Barbara. It amazes me how well they soak it up. Every year we do an activity with Starry Starry Night (a little selfish because it's one of my favorite paintings). And last year they were around the room drying and a former student who is now in 4th Grade came in for our book club and said "Starry Starry Night, I remember when we did that!". I mean that was over 4 years before and he still remembered. :)