Saturday, April 6, 2013

Need a Pick-Me-Up?

I read a lot of other blogs and I know some people especially out East are beginning their Spring Break now. Ours has been over for 2 weeks now and it's been tough-we're in that stretch now where routines have become boring and the kids have decided they know everything they need to already. Sad to see senioritis in Kindergarten, isn't it?!

And of course, I am counting down too-not how many days are left, but how many days left to teach them everything they need to know for First Grade. I have to remember this:

And I get my smiles where I can these days--this was definitely not one of their spelling words, I promise!

We were working on the letter writing format and I asked them to write a letter to me. It could be about any topic they wanted to write about (they got a little confused where to sign their names-often it was to me and from me). But, I got some very confidence-building feedback:

Don't Ruby and I look very chic?!

I love you so much, I will miss you when I got to a new school. (I asked him if he was moving this summer and he assured me he meant Middle School :).

Awww, I inspire them. It reminds me of that line in Dangerous Minds where she says "they called the light and gave me chocolate".

Can you tell me what grows and what not grows?

You are a fun teacher....I want you to stay a teacher.

I wish you could come to my home because you could see my dog.

You are nice.

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  1. What an appropriate pick-me-up!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Love the quote! And that spelling test! LOL! Thanks for sharing!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching