Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Divergent Heart Art

I know I've posted about Divergent Art before. It's when you take a shape or a line and ask the kids to turn it into something. It's a test I use for myself to see if their creativity is growing. In the beginning of the year many don't know what to do with it-but it gets better as the year goes on.

In this case I gave them cut-out heart that they could glue on however they wanted to for their picture. I urged them to turn them around and really think about what they could make. To make something no one will think of. Here's what they came up with:

A sign-imagine if that was the shapes of our signs instead of a rhombus-do you think it would encourage people to be nicer to each other! :)

A snail.

A lion-I was surprised more didn't do animals.

a card

an apple and a necklace

a cat home

I did not understand what this student was telling me at first: a hanger for the Christmas tree...she meant an ornament!

a boy that has a heart

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