Friday, March 6, 2015

New Use for Superheroes

I like to do "new uses for everyday things" every once in a while. This is usually a very challenging activity for them. You literally have to think outside the box-what else would you use a box for other than holding things? I demonstrate with a pencil-I can use it to put up my hair, I can open a can of soda with it.

This time we were talking about superheroes. So I was very specific-the answer can't be saving people or saving the world or fighting their enemies. What else could you use superheroes for? For example, I'd have them help me move. I hate moving and they could carry a couch in a single bound.

They actually came up with some clever ideas!

For delivering my packages.

For posing to make a statue

to carry an old lady to her house when she does not have a wheelchair.

to do some cleaning

To carry my big bag of yummy chips (that must be some bag of chips!!!! )

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  1. Those are really cute. I love that you're always challenging your kids to think in new ways!

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