Thursday, August 6, 2015

Malala Warrior of Words

I just found a book that I can't wait to use with my students! I broke my self-imposed Amazon book-buying probation to purchase it when I saw it come up because I love Malala and her story, but found it hard to explain to my little ones. I love the title-Warrior With Words-that she is! I think this book breaks down her message very well for young minds. The illustrations are made with a collage effect and some of them-especially of her enemies are a little bit scary-but not something that I think the kids won't understand with guidance. It talks about her family and experience in education as well as her platform for the world. She used to make lists of words like I did when I was little! :)

Our school is really wanting classrooms to adopt a community service project this year and I was already thinking of doing something with literacy. We might end up doing something with her cause-I haven't decided yet, but love having that as another option. 

Just wanted to share what looks like a good find!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I need to check this out. Malala is definitely one of my top heroes!