Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Backward Writing Prompts

I know usually when we give our students prompts, we use the beginning of the sentence. Years ago I started doing one of my favorite activities-which is to give them the ending of the story and have them write the beginning and the middle. I have used many different prompts over the year "and then we had a pet", "and then Christmas was over". For this one I used......and then Miss Trayers went home. After all the lessons I do encouraging them to be creative over the year, I was actually very impressed at all the different scenarios that they came up with for me. I know the handwriting is not our best, but we regressed a bit in that regard the last few weeks of school.

Miss Trayers was walking Ruby when Boom! 100,000,000,000,000 bowling bowls stopped her.

New York was a trip my teacher took. You got a house and got the good. You need ?
P.S. This student couldn't even write his name on Day One of Kindergarten-look at him writing! :)

One day my teacher went to the new school and forgot she had no school.

The Missing Tea (I drink tea all day long).
One time Miss Trayers had a day off and wanted to make tea but her ingredients were gone. When she was at a restaurant, she went back to the restaurant to get her tea.

One day Miss Trayers was sick. She is sick and the doctor said Hello Miss Trayers. Miss Trayers said hi. Are you sick? Miss Trayers said yes. Asked to have surgery, Miss Trayers said yes. Follow me to the room, ok sit down you can go home.

Miss Trayers went to school and make the tables ready for Mom's Day. She picked up the kids at 8:30 so the moms came in, the kids went home.

A long time ago Miss Trayers was a kid too. She went into the woods and she was scared. She made a friend her name was Emma.

One day  Miss Trayers went to the store to buy clothes and groceries and a dress and some food and ?
She lost the stuff, she searched and she found it and she paid.

One day Miss Trayers was at the grocery store and she bought veggies. Then her car broke down. She fixed it, then she paid and she ate snacks.

So if you ever want to change up your writing prompts think about using the ending instead of the beginning. Last time I posted this Ian Byrd from Byrdseed said he used to let them choose if they wanted to use it at the beginning or the end. So "there was a knock at the door"-they could craft their story around that happening at the beginning or the end.

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