Saturday, October 8, 2016

Max and the Wild Things

I LOVE sharing the book Where the Wild Things Are with the kiddos!

I read it to them and then let them hear it once again another day from the video on Discovery Education. So many rigorous activities and discussions to that can accompany this story!

The one I wanted to share with you today involves ethics. I asked the students whether it was right or wrong for Max to leave the Wild Things-after all, they did not want him to go. 

right because he was homeless, foodless and momless.

Right because he was missing his house.

Right because his dinner was waiting.

Wrong because he wanted to be safe.

Wrong because the monsters said good-bye.

(Now this student told me she meant it was wrong to stay because it was dangerous).

Wrong because his room turned into a jungle.

Wrong because the monsters were mad at him.

Right because he was too scared.

Right because he wanted to go home for his soup.

Wrong because the Wild Things didn't want him to go.

Wrong because the Wild Things loved him.

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