Monday, January 16, 2017

I Have a Dream...

My students watched MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. "This is real life?" they asked. Usually when we watch videos about the past it's a re-enactment or even a cartoon. "Yes, that's really his voice". They were enamoured with it. They couldn't believe there was a time when all children were not allowed to go to school together. I explained what it meant to have a dream-not like when you sleep but more like a goal and I asked them to think about our world today and what their dream was for the world.

Here's what they wrote:

We read the book My Brother Martin where his sister says she remembers a young Martin telling their mother that he was going to "turn the world upside down"-I think he's making a connection to that.

.....the world was happy.

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  1. "That people would see snow." He/she should come to Idaho. We've had more than our fair share this winter.

    1. Oh they are dying to see snow! We rarely get anything here in Texas-years ago we got some flurries (of course, everything shut down for days :). These guys have never actually seen snow before-it's hard for them to even imagine!