Monday, September 6, 2010


So I thought this would be a really challenging concept for my young kiddos. But actually they picked it up quite easily. I never realized these little ones live in a world that's very clearly divided into black and white. I introduced the icon to them and we have been reading the book The Wizard of Oz. I put out the question "what is right or wrong that Dorothy's house killed the Wicked Witch of the East? The class was pretty much divided, so I had them partner with someone who had an opposing viewpoint and discuss their side. I went over the tips for making a good argument (which I'm sure their parents will love me for! :) - not just to say-"it's right because it's right" but to describe why they believe it's right. They talked for a few minutes and then came back and shared their ideas. We went over a few more scenarios that were a little easier for them-you see someone drop $5 - do you give it back, and of course, these innocent little angels would always give it back! You see another student getting bullied, do you do something or just walk away?

It's something we'll continue to revisit throughout the year but it always amazes me how we underestimate what young children can really grasp. They really are capable of understanding some pretty big concepts!
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