Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Multiple Perspectives

I actually think this is one of the easiest standards of Depth and Complexity to teach...unless of course, you are teaching to little ones who see the world as it revolves around them! :) If you do lessons on it often enough, however, they will get the hang of it. We have already written this year from the perspective of everything from a barn to a pumpkin.

After finishing our first chapter read-aloud The Wizard of Oz, I was looking for a project for them to complete as kind of a culmination to our activities. I had them choose one character, make a likeness using a wire hanger and construction paper, then write about the adventure from that character's perspective. The favorite choice of the kids was Toto, of course, he did have a different perspective from everyone else being so close to the ground most of the time. I ask them to put themselves in that character's shoes--what do you see, hear, feel, what do you dream about? They did a pretty good job coming up with some unique viewpoints.
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