Thursday, April 7, 2011

Character Court

We have always done performance assessments at our school, but this was the first time the Kinder and 1st Graders were included.

The Kindergarten kiddos used fairy tales and the 1st Graders used real literature. The students chose characters in pairs and identified an ethical dilemma in the book. They painted the setting on tri-fold boards.

On the back they each wrote a summary of the story, an overview of the ethics and an example of a real-world application for that issue. They worked together to write a little debate. Dorothy debated the Wicked Witch, Scrooge debated Cindy Lou and Miss Nelson debated Viola Swamp. We set them all up in our cafeteria and invited parents to come hear them. It was not only too cute, I think they learned how to work together and a deeper meaning of ethics.

The Wizard of Oz

Cricket in Times Square

The Giving Tree

                                             The Lorax

Tacky the Penguin

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