Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reading Habits

I see my tastes in reading opening up a bit this summer! I've written before about the fact that I went years after college and into my professional career without really reading for fun. These past couple of years I have made a concerted effort to incorporate reading more for entertainment's sake. A problem I had was how to choose the books I'd read. Sound familiar? We do the same lesson for the kids. And I do talk about myself as a reader now to my students. They are always asking me what book I'm reading, which I think is funny because it's not like they are going to recognize a title or anything. But I think they hear me asking kids that all the time! :)

So I started reading reviews of new books being published. I get alerts when an author I like publishes a new book. Well, this summer I went outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I have read/ordered books that would fall into the YA category and I just read what I think is the first memoir I've ever read. I highly recommend this one:

It's about a journalist whose mom has a big personality (I feel like I know her and would love to have someone like that as a friend!). After her mom dies she starts investigating her mom's life, something she kept very private. Interviewing family members, tracking down court documents and learning along the way just how strong her mother was. And all written with a sense of humor which makes for a very pleasant read.

I am up to 20 books that I have read so far this year-not that I'm really focused on that or anything, but it is a record for me. My Amazon cart is full of many others! I have to stop reading other blogs/Twitter-too many recommendations! :) I have trouble deciding what to pick up next.

Anyway, just being a little introspective. I'm proud of myself for going outside my comfort zone a little bit and reading different kinds of books. 

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  1. I'm up to 14 books I think. You've got me beat. I read Unbroken, which is totally out of my reading comfort zone and it didn't even kill me. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Who's the author? When I looked it up there are like 400 of them! :)