Thursday, July 10, 2014

School Shopping

Am I the only one exceeding my budget already? :) I was doing really well there for a couple of months and then it's this time of year again. My mom found the cutest little seats for my library to go along with my classroom theme of The Dot. I don't know what they are made out of, but it's something I can wipe off easily and won't have to worry about lice with because it's not fabric:

When I went to Target over the weekend they were starting to put out their school supplies so I thought for sure today it would be stocked-but not yet. I need to get composition books and folders. Our school does grade level supply lists and I hate it because each teacher has different needs. One teacher may like using binders, another folders and then the list is too long and things just get cut. This year we are only asking for one bottle of soap per child-for a class of 25 kids. Do you know how long that will last us? Maybe until October!? I also have to get new tubs for the table supplies and some new plastic containers from the Container Store. Mine have lasted a while, but are starting to get a little shabby. 

I know it may seem early but we go back in a month and I have several PD's still scheduled so I'm trying to get as much out of the way as possible now with my free time. :) Besides they always run out of the good stuff pretty quickly!

Have you started shopping for your new class yet? Any good finds?

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  1. Do you have a Staples nearby? I thought I saw an email about composition books for $.50 there.
    PS Have you read Counting by 7s yet (I'm so nosy I looked at the books)? I really liked it but I am not sure about the kid appeal. Curious to see in the fall.

  2. I will have to check out Staples. Thanks for the tip!

    I look at people's books too. I haven't read it yet. That's my pile of books I'm supposed to be reading for my student book club. I need to get back on that! :)

  3. Your seats are sweet. You mom did good!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. I think staples has limits on how many you can buy at 1 time, FYI. You might check though.
    I try to buy supplies through the summer, but I haven't gotten anything yet.
    Our school district has a list for the whole school, so 2nd graders throughout the whole district are supposed to bring the same things. I'm with you on what I need/want versus other teachers.
    Happy shopping - love the cushion seats