Friday, September 12, 2014

What a Week!

I thought the first week of school was the longest week in the history of time, but it turns out it was this week! :) We had Open House last night in the evening and I really felt like it was Friday already. I had 24 out of my 26 parents stop by, which I think is a record for me! Nothing like a 12-hour day to make you feel old! Now to write 24 thank you notes to send home tomorrow.

The other excitement-a few weeks ago I started feeling some pain in my knee. Well, it just continued to get worse and worse. I started actually having to limp around at school. Over the weekend it started to feel better, probably because I could actually stay off of it. Well, on Tuesday I'm walking down the hall and feel this "pop". Then I can't put any weight on it at all. So my doctor gave me crutches, which I could not manage-it made me too slow. So now it's specialists and tests--lots of fun and expensive stuff because I certainly have the time for that :). The kids were very sweet, helping me with my "crunches". And apparently that's what they learned in school this week because many parents asked me about it. They think I may have torn my meniscus. Right now the prescription is just to stay off of it, which we all know is just impossible for a teacher! :(

So yesterday was 9/11. I have a hard time teaching 5-year olds about this. It's just beyond their comprehension, the way the Revolutionary War and civil rights are beyond their understanding. So I read them this book (the story of it fascinates me):

A true story about a man named Phillipe who actually walked between the towers in the early '70's.

I talked about the memorial and how there had been a lot of discussion to decide what to make. We looked at other memorials and then I asked the kids to design their own 9/11 memorial.

This is what they came up with:

I am not usually one of those TGIF people, but this week, I am! Can't wait to relax a little bit this weekend! :)

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  1. So sorry to hear about your injury! I hope it doesn't require surgery.

    Absolutely love the idea of them drawing their own memorial. You always think of great ways to draw out their creativity!

  2. Thank you Terri! I'll just keep on hobblin' and singing my song! :)

    You know it was a very last minute idea-wasn't even in my lesson plans *shhh*-but they didn't even know what a memorial was, so I think they definitely took something away from it.

  3. Oh. That's no fun. Take care. I need to give The Man more attention. It is a great story with wonderful pictures.. I just love the art in 14 Cows for America so much that's usually what I do. I <3 their memorials!

    1. I forgot about that book-that's such a great one! An amazing gesture they made. Thanks Ms. O! :)

  4. Sure hope your knee gets better soon! Have a restful weekend.
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    1. Thank you Barbara. Certainly a humbling experience to say the least!

  5. A week in school can sometimes get so demanding but i'm glad you managed to deal with it well. I wish that your injury goes away soon so you can get rid of those crutches. Wishing for your speedy recovery!