Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ethics and Miss Nelson

Ethics is a tough concept to teach little ones. A lot of things, in their minds are black and white where in the real world there is much more grey area. I give them a lot of scenarios in the beginning because at first they want to answer the question to make you happy-what answer does she want to hear? And the more we do it, the more I question things with them, the more they start to be able to develop their own arguments.

I like to use Miss Nelson is Missing in the beginning when I introduce ethics because as a teacher I do think what she did was kind of sneaky! So my question to them was, is it right or wrong for a teacher to trick kids like she did. I was actually very impressed by some of their answers.

right because the kids weren't listening.

My favorite! It's wrong to be mean just because others are mean-I say that all the time! :)

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