Sunday, September 13, 2015

If I Were a Parent.....

Thinking about Multiple Perspectives, I read my kiddos the story the Kissing Hand. In it, Chester's mom gives him a kiss on his hand that he can take with him to school the first day and hopefully allay the anxiety he is having. 

So I ask my students to think like a parent-if you were a mom or a dad and dropping your child off for school the first day and they didn't want to stay, what would you do. Here are their responses:

I'm not sure if he meant just leave them and go home or take the kid home-the student is not in the picture so.....

Love this answer-if only there was a potion like that!

hug my kid goodbye.

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  1. This is very clever, Miss Trayers. I love how you're getting them to think outside the box. I have four kids this year who are struggling with leaving mom and dad in the morning. It would be really interesting to see what those kids in particular came up with.

    1. My favorite answer of all time was the boy who said "I would drop them off and then run". With 4 boys in the family mom was pretty good at that! :)

  2. There are some sweet thoughts here.