Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Poems

We read poetry every day in our class. I use it as an activity to practice reading fluently as well as for introducing new vocabulary and literary devices. This was our first foray into writing them ourselves! I asked them to use a very simple format-write a title, decribe your family traditions for Thanksgiving by using adjective/nouns and then a sentence to sum it all up. We are still working on things like handwriting and better word choice-but you can see their writing skills really developing. We turned them into our class book for November.

good turkey
green broccoli
cold ice cream
yellow fruit
happy family
We sit at the table.

pretty tablecloth
green vegetables
red leaves
brown leaves
yellow corn
Cooking family

good ham
turkey leg
pretty mom
strong dad
funny sister
At my house we eat a lot.

Share Food
good turkey
squishy potatoes
good apples
yellow bananas
together family
I feel good.

My Turkey is Yummy
crazy corn
soft mashed potatoes
melty cookies
good squash
juicy lettuce
I feel thankful.

Turkey Day
soft fish
hard carrots
caramel apples
thankful family
cute clothes
It is a happy feast.

I like Thankgiving
chewy meat
bright lettuce
heavy presents
dazzling fireworks
cheesy pasta
The moon is dazzling in the night.

Yummy Food
squishy potatoes
hot turkey
hard corn
potato pie
pretty family
We look nice dressed up.

Skinny potatoes
swirly lettuce
flat chicken
happy family
pretty decorations
All the food you like.

We Celebrate
rough turkey
black beans
hot sauce
crunchy carrots
hard cookies
We go to my mom's house.

I Love to Eat Turkey
Mushy mashed potatoes
loud family
round pumpkin pie
dazzling clothes
It is sweet and yummy.

spicy chicken
yummy turkey
face squash
nice family
nice cousins

I Eat Chicken for Thankgiving
pretty world
pretty Bianca
pretty school
yellow corn
pink apples
My chicken smells like turkey.

Good chicken
yummy turkey
delicious lettuce
good mashed potatoes
nice family
It is fun.

A Family
Good turkey
Squishy potatoes
Good waffles
Candy lollipop
Family nice.

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  1. You do such great work with our youngest writers. Your first grade teachers must love you.

  2. Awww thank you Tammy! Actually believe it or not our first grade teachers complain a lot about our kiddos being unprepared. I wish they could have you for their first grade teacher! :)