Saturday, November 7, 2015

Adapt for Critical Thinking

I discovered S.C.A.M.P.E.R. several years ago and did not know where it had been hiding my whole life! :) I use it particularly when we are talking about holidays. If you are not familiar with it Terri over at Engage Their Minds does wonderful things with it and I believe even has some resources on TPT:  Superhero-s-c-a-m-p-e-r/

Well, we did some activities involving the tradition of Halloween. One of them was to adapt the holiday for various other locations. Yes, the traditions here involve dressing up in silly costumes and carving pumpkins. But what would they do say in the North Pole, or in Africa or in the ocean or in space. These activities really tend to wake up those brain cells-it's not easy for them to adjust what they know and apply it in a different way. Some of them even wrote "I would just not celebrate Halloween if I lived in the North Pole". But there were several kiddos who got it-remember these guys are Kindergarteners.

North Pole: make a giant snowball
Africa: Roll up the grass
Ocean: Roll up the sand
Space: Pick up Jupiter and roll up the gases

North Pole:  a snow statue
Africa: a dry pumpkin
Ocean: a pearl pumpkin (love this!)
Space:  a pumpkin rocket
North Pole: use snow to make pumpkins
Africa: use mud to make pumpkins
Ocean: use sand to make pumpkins
Space: carve a spaceship

North Pole: You can wear a Halloween coat
Africa: You could make some short sleeves
Ocean: Make a Halloween swimsuit
Space: make Halloween spacesuits

North Pole: decorate a polar bear
Africa: decorate with a broken house
Ocean: decorate with a dead fish (I know!)
Space: I would use shapes

                                                      Space: make a pumkin out of Pluto

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  1. Talk about stretching their perspectives. :)

  2. Yuck! A dead fish?!!! Like the Halloween swimsuit idea, though!