Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Annual Vocabulary Runway Show

I have a tradition in my classroom, we dress up on Halloween but we do something educational with it! I know, I know, I'm a Grinch! :) For the past few years I have assigned my kids vocabulary words. Some request silly words-zany, peculiar, disheveled. Some like the scary words like eerie. Some like the fancy words like dazzling, groovy and vibrant. They come in their costumes that day walk down a red carpet and present their little speech for their parents. Because this is our first presentation we keep their speeches short and sweet. "I am ancient. Ancient means very very old. Moms are ancient"-she wrote it herself! :) I love as we go throughout the year and I'm reading a story and say the word "peculiar" they all turn and say Johnny's word! 20 new words in their vernicular, just like that!

And nobody seems to mind learning something new on Halloween! :)

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  1. I do love this, and it does help cement those words in their memory. Brilliant. :)

  2. Love it!
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