Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why the Leaves Change Color....

We like to talk about Big Ideas in our class. We have been talking about fall and the changes in our seasons. I asked the students to make up a creative reason why the leaves might change color. We talk a lot about thinking outside the box and that was the goal of this writing activity. They watercolored a fall tree (which honestly in Texas is hard for them to visualize-our leaves are green or brown, that's it! :). Then they wrote about why the leaves change color using their imaginations.

because they want to.

That's what some teachers call it in their behavior system. You change your color for "bad" behavior-I like the idea that the leaves changed color because they were misbehaving! :)

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  1. The squirrels color them - I like that one. :)

    1. Could you imagine? If that were true I could forgive them for continually dropping acorns on my head! :)