Saturday, April 8, 2017

Books To Use For An Egg Unit

The egg unit is one of my favorites to do all year! Eggs are such an extraordinary thing-strong enough to protect a growing baby, fragile enough for that baby to break through when it's ready. We balance books on an egg to show how strong it is. We pass one around to use our senses and describe it. And we read several different books about the topic. My favorite are books about when something unexpected hatches from the egg.

The title says it all. A short, fun book about a duck and his Odd Egg with a bit of a surprise ending.

I LOVE this book! Duck and Goose both basically lay a custody grab for the little on inside this ëgg". Only they end up striking up a friendship through their disagreement.

 This is an almost wordless book about friendship despite what kind of egg you come out of.

A non-fiction book about all the different kinds of eggs out there. My students were so impressed with how big and how small eggs can be. They were making connections with this one for days.

My all-time favorite egg book! It's such a fun book to read.

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