Saturday, April 29, 2017

Digital Stories for Mother's Day

Every year we have a celebration of our moms. The students write digital stories using the program Pixie as another way to publish their writing. They sound out their words to write the sentences, they use the paint option to draw the pictures. They choose the background music and narrate their story. On the big day I show them how to serve food using tongs and give them a pep talk on how their moms should not be doing anything that morning-they should be pampering them.

They make name placards, mom portraits and other crafts to show their moms. When they arrive the students take their moms by the hand and show them to their seats.

Then we play our digital stories. Here are some stills from my favorites this year:

They are so easily impressed. :) 

My mom likes all the colors of the rainbow.

I love you 100 mom.

She always says I love you more than anything.

I like to cuddle with my mom.

I love her more than chocolate.

My mom is honest.

My mom always says I'm a star.

My mom is helpful (she's helping an injured person-see all the blood. :)

I like that my mom has a mom too.

I am glad my mom voted.

So the kiddos are thankful not only for the things moms do for them like cooking and cleaning and driving them to school. They are also thankful for the cuddles, the bedtime stories and all the "I love you's".

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  1. Your celebrations are so meaningful and fun. I bet your moms love this.