Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Teachers Dream About....

I like to teach Multiple Perspectives in different ways. We write about how a character or object feels, thinks. Or maybe comparing what two different creatures see, hear, etc. like a butterfly vs. a caterpillar. I also like to ask the students to put themselves in someone else's shoes and think about what that person/thing would dream about.

Since it's Teacher Appreciation Week and all, I asked them to write: What do teachers dream about? I knew everyone would right away think of a class of good listeners, so I asked them to dig a little deeper and think of something else.

My favorite one--inspire kids!

Now let me explain. :) When I do guided reading, I ask for no one to disturb me unless there's an emergency-like Justin Timberlake is at the door ready to sweep me off my feet.

This little guy didn't know what to write. His mother is also a teacher so I asked him to think about what she would dream about and right away he said he knew what to write.

My dog. :)

Now I know she wrote this because I asked them not to just write about kids being good.

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