Monday, May 8, 2017

Dad's Rock Celebration

Here in Texas our school year ends before the end of May. So we don't get to officially have the kids participate in making activities for Father's Day. Because we celebrated moms I feel like it's equal opportunity to celebrate our dads too! Dads tend to be either more reluctant or more busy-they don't typically get as involved in our day to day activities. So I think they were excited to be invited into our class to be appreciated. We painted portraits of them, we wrote their biographies (my favorite line is the student who wrote "when my dad was 11 he graduated college"--I didn't know I had Doogie Howser as a parent. :) And we wrote cinquains. The students wrote what they called their Dad to start-dad, daddy, papa, papi, pop and then 2 adjectives, 3 verbs, a sentence and then another name for their father.

Here are a few examples;

I LOVE that he came up with "Star" and "King" as his dad's names. :)

This was our spread:

I think it was a good experience for everyone!

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  1. I can only imagine your dads loved this. The poems are definitely sweet.