Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End-of-Year Collages

If you can't tell, I tend to take a lot of pictures in my classroom! The past few years I started making a very simple keepsake for my students. I discovered that you can upload pics to Walgreen's photo site and make collages with them. You upload the pics, can shuffle them around until you are happy with it and then put a message on the bottom and add a background color. It's actually pretty easy. What I do is write a message on the back of each one after it is printed-this is what I will remember about you being in our class. 

This year is occurred to me that I probably had enough photos to make collages for our graduating 5th graders-I used pics from when they were in my class and on the bottom I wrote "Congratulations-I'm so proud of you" . This is one of my former students who just graduated from 5th Grade (she's a staff kiddo so I know mom doesn't mind if I use her pics. :)

I have also had pics printed for parent volunteers. We say thank-you using signs or spelling it out with ourselves or making a heart shape with our hands and I make a collage for the parents to thank them for their help. I will just write a note on the back-thanks for helping out on the field trip, etc.

Walgreen's is always sending coupon codes, so usually it doesn't cost more than 30 cents per picture, you can pick them up in the store or get them mailed to you. And I think the outcome is just priceless.

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  1. Very sweet. These are gifts kids and parents will keep. I like that kind!

  2. Thank you Tammy! I hope they liked them.