Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Inventing a New Holiday

Even if you are not in Texas, this is a good resource for ideas of cumulative projects to do with the kiddos.

We did the holiday one in our class. We brainstormed a list of all the holidays we could think of. Over a few days we did Venn diagrams to compare/contract the traditions of two holidays at a time. I showed them some basic ways to do research on the computer and we answered questions they came up with regarding the different holidays.

Then the challenging part. They broke up into groups to invent their own holiday. Many right away wanted to do Easter or Valentine's Day--so we had to talk about inventing something new. They decided on the traditions, the date to celebrate and the budget needed.

 This is what they came up (I know you'll know right away which one is my favorite. :) .

We had a little girl with a broken arm so they were thinking of a day that would cheer up people who got injured and can't participate in PE or recess any more.


Community Festival Day

What I loved about this one is they said they would do a Compliment Circle just like we do in class.

Library Day

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