Friday, May 5, 2017

Getting Feedback From My Kinder Students

I think it's important to get feedback from your students on how they think you are doing. This can be tricky with little ones. They are very good at gauging your reactions and telling you what they think you want to hear. We used to use the Renzulli Learning program and it did an interest survey in the beginning. My students would just click "LOVE" for everything! :)

So I do it in a way I can see from their responses how I am doing. I generally ask them:

What does your teacher like? (Now I've had years where students would name particular students like they thought that student was my favorite-that's not what I want to happen, so if I'm doing that I need to correct it).

What doesn't your teacher like?

What does your teacher always say? (The response I want to this answer is something like 'good job' or 'yes'-I don't want answers that make it sound like I'm fussing at them all the time).

What does your teacher eat? (I throw this one in for fun to see how well they know me).

And then finally--my teacher is.....(and I leave it open-ended).

These are my responses from this year:

This kiddo knows me very well! Oh and she thinks I'm beautiful and creative, so....:) 

My teacher likes inspiring kids--wow! And she did a very creative answer saying that I eat "green eggs and ham".

I LOVE that they know I like books! I did not like that I always say "be quiet" (I actually don't think I have ever said those words-but that's what she hears I guess when I ask them to keep the noise down).

My teacher like me!--LOVE!!!!

I am a vegetarian so I actually do not eat chicken. :)

This one made me laugh-I don't dislike ladybugs but it's not like they are something I collect or anything and I really don't feel strongly about pudding either-not sure where those answers came from.

I DO like sharpened pencils!!!

Ruby is my dog by the way. :) And again, I don't eat McDonald's, but in their minds.....

An easy way to take the temperature of your class and see how you are doing and how well your kiddos have gotten to know you throughout the year! :)

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  1. I love that you've inspired me to do this too. I love reading what they think of me.