Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Invisible Boy

I discovered this book while browsing through the library. It's a story about a boy who feels invisible at school. The other kids don't want to choose him for teams-even the teacher makes him feel invisible. Until one day he makes a new friend and everything changes for him.

I talk a lot to my kids about including everyone. I don't believe in meddling in their relationships at recess-however we talk a lot about empathy and how it would feel to be left out. I share with them stories about how I attended a training recently where the presenter said turn to your partner-but I was at a table by myself. The table in front of me made a conscious effort to include me in their discussions. That meant so much to me.

So the students wrote about how they could help people not feel so invisible. Now there were some students who took it very literally and didn't make the connection with simply feeling invisible as you will see in their work.

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