Monday, January 4, 2010

Divergent Art

Big title for a very simple activity. The kids are simply given a squiggle or a shape on a piece of paper with the directive to turn that shape into something. I emphasize that I want everyone's to be different and I want them to come up with something no one else would think of. The first couple of times they might make a design or pattern, but I really want them to visualize taking that shape and creating something with it. My favorite parent actually found me shape-a-day type calendar to use at Barnes and Noble-but before that I just drew the shape with a dark marker.

These pictures come from the corner of a square and you can see I have some creative minds! Good for creative and critical thinking.

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  1. I love this idea! I teach 2nd-6th G/T classes and would like to know where you get your shapes or squiggles from. Would you be willing to share? I have come across something similar by another G/T teacher at my school where she gives whole page with a shape (Like a square or a circle) and asks students to come up with as many objects that are that shape (i.e. square- picture frame, television screen).