Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Poems

Many of my students are still at the stage of sounding out their words to write. Others are still trying to make that connection between the sounds they know and letters they are writing. However, the progress that they've made already this year is just HUGE! I typed the translations in the corner because I put these together in a class book that they could share with their parents.

What we did was name a food or something Thanksgiving-y and then put an adjective in front of it. I also asked for a title and a summary sentence at the end. Here's what they came up with:

Turkey Big Turkey
Squishy potatoes
fat turkey
happy family 
good toast
yummy chicken
red table
Turkey is good food for you.

                                                                  Tree for Thanksgiving
                                                                       soft chicken breast
                                                                      mashed potatoes is good
                                                                      macaroni crunchy
                                                                      green beans
                                                                     sweet corn
                                                                      quiet family
                                                                Good Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner
Family food
Yummy yogurt
Turkey tabouli
Spaghetti soup
People poor
Tasty milk
Thanksgiving is Beautiful!

The Big Thanksgiving
Healthy turkey
Brown chicken
Chicken breast
Yummy corn
Camel flakes
Chicken corn
Yummy Thanksgiving.

Turkey Day
Good food
Sweet potatoes
Shell macaroni
White potatoes
Happy family
Cold ice cream
Thanksgiving Makes Me Happy!

Funny mom
warm meat
healthy chicken
Green peas
Sweet family
Happy dinner
Happy Thanksgiving!

Yummy turkey
juicy apples
happy family
pepperoni pizza
yellow bananas
chocolate cake
I feel happy!

The Thanksgiving Feast
Pork chops potatoes
Banana bread
Turkey leg
Green beans
Delicious fish
Brown beans
My family likes turkey.

The Chicken Soup
Yummy gumbo
crumbly cornbread
red lobster
pinchy crawfish
smooth shrimp
cooking mom
My family loves food!

Delicious turkey
squishy potatoes
yummy chicken
gooey macaroni
surprised mom
normal dad
Happy Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving Dinner
Soft mashed potatoes
yummy turkey
salty soup
cheesy lasagna
watery water
yellow mac and cheese
I eat my Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Turkey
fat turkey
yummy potatoes
yellow corn
cuckoo family
cheesy bread
orange macaroni
Happy Thanksgiving

Ice Cream
Chicken nugget
good rice
good fries
good burgers
nice mom
nice dad
Thanksgiving is good.

brown chicken
yellow corn
ice cream
loud family
I am happy.

The Nice Thanksgiving Feast
Yummy spaghetti
slimy fish
green beans
spongy bread
hot corn
orange potatoes
I love Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day
Turkey fun
yummy turkey
mashed potatoes is good
Yazz sad
good chicken
yummy chicken
good ham

Thanksgiving Flowers
talking family
white chicken
orange juice
turkey dress
colorful mom
hard working dad
I am excited of Thanksgiving.

McDonald's breakfast
cheese macaroni
cold sandwiches
ice cream desset
cold water
good mom
Good Thanksgiving

Good Dinner
hard turkey
soft potatoes
wet gravy
yellow corn
nice family
good cake
pretty clothes
A Thanksgiving Table

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Road Not Taken

I love poetry! I always have. I love that words put together in a few lines can have this huge deep meaning. I want to share that love with my kiddos. My objectives say that we use the poem we read in our morning reading warmup every week to practice fluency. But my real reason is that I want my students to love the poems and the use of words as much as I do!

We do funny poems like Jack Prelutsky's New Kid on the Block or My Teacher's Not a Zombie. But I also use poetry that I studied in school. One of my favorite poets to introduce to them is Robert Frost. This week we are reading "The Road Not Taken". I read it to them and then explained what it meant. We read it again together today and I asked the kids to make an illustration to show what it meant. I think they got it!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Principals Are Thankful For....

I was reading Terri's blog: and I loved her idea for having the students write what teachers were thankful for. I didn't want to copy her outright :) so we changed it to "what are principals thankful for?"-we are using multiple perspectives and still talking about thankfulness. This is what my kiddos came up with:

for our teachers because they are lovely! :)  (I love the illustration with the coffee mug and an apple-is that the quintessential symbol for teaching or what!)

for the school because if we didn't have a school we will not learn how to learn the alphabet.

my grades

for being the boss   

for quiet

School because they like working. (we are in Texas after all! :)

cars that are sparkly  (well, who isn't thankful for that!)

for so much happy


                                                         for children and students

new friends


turkey and teachers

classes to take care of

for grown-ups who are responsible

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Community Service

Every year I try to do some community service activities with my kiddos. They are really good at making something cute! For Thanksgiving, we make placemats that I then drop off for them to deliver with dinners from Meals on Wheels. I asked them to color a pattern around the outside and then draw something Thanksgiving-y in the middle. I know they are much appreciated. (Did you know they do Meals on Wheels for pets, when I'm better I may have to go volunteer for them!)