Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoga in the Classroom

I'll be honest, I was never a big fan of yoga! I really liked Pilates, I think because you walked out feeling like you had a real workout. But I do love using it with the kids. With the cold snap coming through (I know nothing compared to what some of you had, but us Texans are fragile when it comes to cold weather :). We did not go out to recess, all the kids just did not have their jackets and I knew once we got out there they would just complain the whole time.
So when this happens, we do yoga. I know purists may not like these resources, but I think it's a great way to get young kids stretching and make it fun at the same time. When I introduce it I do discuss with them that this is quiet, serious activity-not like the JustDance Kids videos we usually do! I really like this Cosmic Kids series and there are a bunch of them to choose from, these are just 2:
I also like to incorporate it into our workstations. I found this great poster online years ago and the kids spell out words with their bodies and their partner has to write down what they think is being spelled-they love it!

I have had 2 complaints over the years that I'm trying to convert their religion. I know!! I explain to the parents upfront even at Open House and say if you object I can send them out of the room when we do it.
I especially like the way it typically calms their minds a bit-we all could use a little bit of calm this time of year!


  1. Have you tried GoNoodle with your students? My younger grade levels LOVE it! It has calming and energetic videos, depending on your mood.

  2. I will check that out Terri! Thank you for the suggestion! :)

  3. Sure thing! And thanks for the yoga suggestions!