Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Road Not Taken

I love poetry! I always have. I love that words put together in a few lines can have this huge deep meaning. I want to share that love with my kiddos. My objectives say that we use the poem we read in our morning reading warmup every week to practice fluency. But my real reason is that I want my students to love the poems and the use of words as much as I do!

We do funny poems like Jack Prelutsky's New Kid on the Block or My Teacher's Not a Zombie. But I also use poetry that I studied in school. One of my favorite poets to introduce to them is Robert Frost. This week we are reading "The Road Not Taken". I read it to them and then explained what it meant. We read it again together today and I asked the kids to make an illustration to show what it meant. I think they got it!

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