Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Principals Are Thankful For....

I was reading Terri's blog: and I loved her idea for having the students write what teachers were thankful for. I didn't want to copy her outright :) so we changed it to "what are principals thankful for?"-we are using multiple perspectives and still talking about thankfulness. This is what my kiddos came up with:

for our teachers because they are lovely! :)  (I love the illustration with the coffee mug and an apple-is that the quintessential symbol for teaching or what!)

for the school because if we didn't have a school we will not learn how to learn the alphabet.

my grades

for being the boss   

for quiet

School because they like working. (we are in Texas after all! :)

cars that are sparkly  (well, who isn't thankful for that!)

for so much happy


                                                         for children and students

new friends


turkey and teachers

classes to take care of

for grown-ups who are responsible

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  1. I can totally imagine doing this and then giving them to the principal as a thanksgiving gift of sorts. :)