Saturday, March 6, 2010

Using Photography in the Classroom

I am a big fan of photography as an expression of art. So why not let the kids experience this medium as well. Several times a year the students go out and take photographs with my very old digital camera to use in activities. We took pictures of patterns, something to write a poem about, to sort for the 5 senses and my favorite one is something that inspires them. They take a picture of something and then write about it, paint it, make a collage of that photo and put them all on a poster board for our final project of the year.

Some make really interesting ones, like a door, or a flower coming up out of the sidewalk. We talk a lot about art and different artists and how what inspires them artistically doesn't have to be beautiful. The picture above was one the student thought was ugly-but represented winter and what happened to the plants. The kids really enjoy thinking like a photographer.

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