Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving With Perspective

My students love doing activities with Perspective now. They will come up with their own-let's do the perspective of a leaf, no let's do the tree when the leaves fall-let's compare the perspective of the leaf to that of the tree when it falls.

I did listen to their suggestions for their Thanksgiving writing assignments. After reading a book about turkeys in the wild (they really are amazing creatures, no wonder Ben Franklin wanted them as our national bird :) . They wrote from that perspective. We also did the perspective of Native Americans from the past and compared that to the point of view of the Pilgrims. I think it's definitely a higher level skill and brings out the creativity they have; while also giving them an opportunity to apply the facts they are learning. Here are some examples (the Native American pics are from Kinder-they did write about it, but I can't find those pics-they made a portrait of themselves as a Native American from the past, turkeys from 1st Grade).

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