Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pasta of a Different Color

I love when you can actually come away from a workshop with practical ideas. Years ago I attended one where they made us color a bag of pasta. I rolled my eyes a bit, but did it-you put a little bit of rubbing alcohol in the bag with the pasta and then food coloring-shake around, let dry and voila! Now every year for this activity my kitchen is strewn with trays of colored shells to dry and I have that rare Martha Stewart moment.

This was supposed to be like the pictures the Native Americans made to go along with their stories, but most of them didn't turn out that way. *shrug* what can you do? At least we got to do some art and work with a medium we hadn't worked with before. And no one ate any-which is a good thing! People laugh but in Kinder you have to give the speech before each activity like this--let's not put these in our noses, mouths, ears, etc. please. Ah, the joys of teaching!

They came out pretty:


  1. Me too! I love colored pasta! It is magic! I used the pasta wheels on their headbands this year! Cool idea you have posted.

    Fairy Dust Teaching

  2. Great Idea!!

    Did you by any chance use this as a science type project with your kids? I could see it working well with learning primary and secondary colors, then making art out of it.

    Megan -Upstate NY

  3. That's a really great idea Megan! Have to keep that in mind for next year-always looking for ways to tie in science.