Saturday, December 17, 2011

If You Were An Ornament...

It sounds like one of those get-to-know-you activities. If you were an ornament, what kind would you be....hmmmmm? :)

This was one of those improvised, last-minute, not in my lesson plan kind of lessons (that happens probably more than it should in my class). Our schedule was changed and I had an extra 1/2-hour and had to figure out something fast for the kids to do. I wanted to do something with perspective and December-related so I decided to ask them to write from the perspective of an ornament. How would you feel, what would you see, etc.

 I thought some of them came up with some interesting answers...we're starting to get past just the "I would feel happy" comments and into more details of a day in the life of an object.

This one is a little candy cane obsessed these days! ;)

"I would hang on the tree"-very proud of this student for actually starting to sound out her words-for the longest time it was "but I can't write".

"I see a present."

"I would feel sad because people will touch me and if they have germs". That would definitely be the downside-guess what now you know how Kinder teachers feel at the end of the day-very germy!

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