Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Poems

Ok, so now even I'm tired of talking about snow! :) I think I've probably mentioned it before--I love, love, love poetry. I use it daily in our reading warm-up. Use it for fluency and vocabulary instruction. Love it! (did I mention I like poetry yet? :)  We do a Poetry Celebration in April and invite parents in to hear their kiddos reading poems they wrote themselves. I wanted to kind of test the waters to see where they were now in ability to write a poem.

Our budding poets on Winter:

You should have seen this kiddo's face when I told him how much I liked what he wrote. I think it genuinely sounds like a poem!

The snow is really is. I love when they make up their own adjectives.

We truly are working on alternatives for "good".

Hot cocoa-soft and smooth--spoken like a true poet. I can almost taste it now.

This is a little Emily Dickenson-esque to me (never really did get her poems). Love the hats on the snowflakes at the bottom. Too cute.

Bluey snow! :) We are working on "awesome" too. Everytime they say it I'm just picturing Jeff Spicoli. The 80's were making a comeback.

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  1. :) - did you see the "tired" word stuff floating around. Think I will make one for my son's 1st grade class.

    My son ADORES poetry. He loves Prelusky, Silverstein, and Viorst the most, but can appreciate non-humorous renderings too.