Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top o' the Rigor To You

St. Patrick's Day always falls on our Spring Break :( , so we really do very limited activities for this holiday, unfortunately. Of course we do the requisite Leprechaun Traps:

She meant a piece of gold.

Looks a little Roadrunner inspired :)

Some other ideas:

1) A leprechaun over time-what are they like when they are young, what kind of jobs can they have when they grow up?

2) Perspective of the leprechaun's gold-how does it feel to live at the end of rainbow and be hidden all the time? Perspective of a shamrock, compare a 4-leaf clover to a regular one, does the 4-leaf clover feel a little more entitled?

3) Where do rainbows come from? (not exactly St. Patrick's Day, I know)-encourage them to come up with a creative reason for them. When we did this activity one of my students said it comes from crayon factory pollution, another said fairies paint them in the sky.

4) What 3 wishes would you ask for and why?

5) Design a new good luck charm.

6) What would a leprechaun's Facebook status updates look like? (yes, even my young kids know about FB).

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