Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing the Details

We talk about details often in stories, how they support the main idea, etc. I always like to an activity every once in awhile where we change the details of the story-does that change the main idea, what other details change because that one detail is different? Take a book like "Too Many Tamales" for example. That story could happen really on any holiday-some of the details of the story may change, but the main idea would still be intact.

We are reading Charlotte's Web right now. So I asked the students to think about the setting being a farm. What if we changed that and placed the story somewhere else? What would change?

"live behind seaweed" - they asked about hyphens after seeing it in print, they don't quite have it down yet. :)

Take place in a factory and play with robots.

In space-I love how Fern is upside-down! :)

In the park.

"In the restroom, the pig doesn't belong, sheep/cow doesn't belong, instead he plays with Fern in the sink".
In the city

In the arctic-she can see polar bears.

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