Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspiration Projects

My last theme for the school year is Inspiration. We learn all about characters, authors, historical figures, etc. throughout the school year and I want the kiddos to reflect on who/what inspires them to be better. A colleague gave me this idea years ago, her 3rd Grade son did it in a class and he did his on just a door-which I thought was very poignant-a door has so many possibilities. It's harder to get the young kiddos to think "big picture" as you will see.

Anyway, they take a picture of something in the school that inspires them. Now when I printed them out this year, I couldn't find a single printer that still had color ink (cutbacks!) so the first step this year was for them to color the picture in with colored pencils so it looked a little Andy Warhol. Then they painted their picture and made a collage of their picture. Finally writing about why it inspires them. I love to see what they come up with. I also treasure those last few moments with kids who know where everything is and what to do with it. I can say use the watercolors and they know they are in the cabinet, that they need to get water, etc. In August it's starting all over again with the next group who will say "what are watercolors"? One year I actually had a student paint with the plastic end of the paintbrush--if they have never experienced it before....

We do live in Texas! :) "The air conditioner inspires me".

When I win group I will get a lot of trophies.

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