Monday, October 29, 2012

Characters In Costume

So I was looking at one of my all-time favorite sites for ideas: . Ian comes up with some very thought-provoking activities, and even though it's typically geared toward older kids; I can often adapt an activity down for my kiddos.

This one was about what costume a character might choose to wear based on their personality traits, accomplishments, etc. When I first read it, I thought what a creative way to incorporate deeper thinking about the characters and the choices they make. I sent it to my sister who teaches literature on a college level, to see if she could use it. It was too deep for my kiddos....or was it? We are reading the Wizard of Oz (yes, still!). We've gotten to know those characters pretty well. I wonder if some of my munchkins were up to the challenge. 

And they were....

I think this one wanted a few brownie points....:)

My favorite...they can be so clever!

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  1. They did awesome! You have a bunch of thinkers on your hands!