Friday, June 7, 2013

A Letter to Next Year's Teacher

Boy, weeks like this were definitely not in the brochure! :) I'm moving classrooms (again) next year so I have to pack up everything-closets, cabinets, all of it-spent more money this week on boxes and tubs! I've gone home so exhausted every day this week plus I can't sleep at night because I just have this rolling list of things I need to get done. Even things that I love to do, like burning CD's of all our videos from the year (have to make 26 this year!) just really seem to make that to-do list really long. Add to that the fact that try as I might, the kids were just not in the mood to do anything work-wise. I tried, I really, really tried, but to no avail. It's just been one of those weeks!

Yesterday was the last day for students and since I had to start packing up and taking bulletin boards down, I did want to give them something productive to do. Their assignment was to write a letter to their teacher for next year telling them about themselves. Now, it was kind of a strange one because I will probably be the teacher next year for most of them. This first one was my favorite--we talk so much about taking risks and being original (I actually gave an award this year for our most unique student. Another teacher said it sounded like a euphemism for maybe challenging-but it absolutely wasn't. Unique is a compliment to my students!). I think that definitely came through for some of them-forgive the handwriting-I had already packed my pencil sharpener so I just let them use markers:

We watch a Schoolhouse Rock about adjectives and it talks about a man who has a boyish face-now she uses "girlish" everywhere!

I need help with multiplying and not reading like a robot. :)


  1. My first graders wrote letters to their second grade teachers. I think their new teachers will enjoy them. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Oh I'm sure they will! It was a little awkward for us since for most of them I will be their teacher next year :) but I liked how they had to describe themselves a bit-they had a little difficulty with that.