Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Poetry Celebration

I wanted to do something special for the kiddos to celebrate National Poetry Month. We usually write poems and share them with other classes at our school or their parents, but I was inspired to do something different this year. After about 100 phone calls to local establishments trying to find a place that would allow them to read their poems publicly. I decided on taking them to a local Early Childhood Center and that way they could read their poems to Pre-K students who will be in Kinder next year. It was such a nice day! The kiddos all dressed up and read their poems-some with enthusiasm, some pretending they were shy, but all very fluently. 

I let them write about anything they wanted to-after all, poets write about the beautiful, the ugly and the everyday ordinary. I typed them because they would be reading them and often can't read their own handwriting.  Here are the poems they came up with:


  1. These are incredible! The last one almost made me cry!

  2. So so wonderful. I love that you found them a real live audience!